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Track Day For Charity!

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  • Track Day For Charity!

    Hi guy`s, well I said I`d be back and here I am, only instead of a RR Day I`m on to see if any of you fancy some track action with all different cars attending?


    Right this should be fun, charity track day at RAF MARHAM on 14th and 15th of April.
    Track is 4 miles long, main runway and taxiways with smooth tarmac and concrete with safe run offs. 1 mile runway in use with sweeping curves and chicanes along the taxiways. Track time will run from 9am to 4pm split into 30 minute sessions and full facilities and even gliding will be operating.
    As the norm you will need a helmet,seat belts, fire extinguisher secured in the car, cars must be road legal with MOT or if race vehical must have a MSA license but best of all there is NO NOISE RESTRICTIONS

    Now the best bit price £60 FOR THE DAY OR £100 FOR THE WEEKEND

    Only other thing is as its a secure area you will need to provide these details in advance for vetting

    Tel no.
    Date of birth.
    Passport no.
    Car make and model of towing vehical if you are trailered.
    Car reg.
    Which day you are going.

    Anyone interested please put your name down, Lambo`s, Ferrari`s, loads of other Hot Hatches usually attend so a full mixture of cars! It`s the RSownersclub arranging this so your aware of where this has stemed from!

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    Me and hubbie would be up for that..

    Melanie Waterfield and Barry Waterfield...


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      no mel you will be ok will be good i work at marham been to 2 now good laff need to book your car on will see if i can get you gptn phone no tomorrow will pm you. For all your tuning needs


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        Originally posted by vxrdave
        no mel you will be ok will be good i work at marham been to 2 now good laff need to book your car on will see if i can get you gptn phone no tomorrow will pm you.

        Be fun to drive around there...


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          I`m sure you`ll be fine if already ID but probably still need all your details anyway! :wink:

          Some previous track day pics!


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            Think I might bring my Vectra GSI along aswell as our VXR. SHould be fun.


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              what about if you have an army id?
              my build thread -


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                Still valid on RAF bases mate. Dont worry


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                  cheers mate. now its time to be nice to the boss and ask for a bit of time off.... ive got a feelin hes going to tell me to p?#s off!!!!! got another month of skiing, so that will make it 3 months in total and not been in work, an now goin to ask for some leave.. should be quite intresting...
                  my build thread -


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                    what about my budget airline engineers id....or my exeter airport id????


                    id love to do a track day, but im gonna have to steer clear of this one for certain reasons i cant divulge


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                      I may be interested. I have a question though. What is the state of the area to be driven on. Usually these type of tracks can be full of loose gravel and stones. Are they generally clear, just want to avoid all the stone chips etc.


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                        Dave should be able to help you...

                        I havent seen the state of the ring road and runway there for a few years now.


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                          the runway and taxi ways are clean, as it a in use airfield, so is swept on a daily basis so is fod free with a/c engines at 2 mil your paint should be ok.

                 For all your tuning needs


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                            Please put your name down for which day or both you would like to attend and PM info required and I will pass these on to the organiser to get this moving!

                            To assure you of this being genuine then go to, go to forums, then scroll down to Focus RS section, in there is a thread titled Trackday, the organiser of the event has posted in there, you may have to register not sure!

                            Fire extinguishers are required but don`t have to be proffesionally plumbed in, only one other in car (price per car not person) so no spectators due to a lot of reasons!


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                              More info:

                              You will need a helmet, normal seat belts as a minimum, and a fire extinguisher that will need to be secured in the car (that doesn't mean a plumbed in system). Race suits are not needed, but preferably natural fibre clothing with full sleeves and legs. Cars must be road legal with a current MOT or, if a race vehicle, licensed for a current MSA series. Note there are no noise restrictions as RAF Marham operates far noisier fast-jets through the week! Sharing a car is OK (i.e. alternating drivers between sessions) and drivers are allowed to carry one passenger, but they must also comply with regard to helmet, clothing etc and be over 16 years of age. The entry fee is per car entered, not per driver but all drivers and passengers will need to sign a disclaimer. Spectating is not a possibility unless the individual is coming to assist someone who is driving - the reason for this is quite simple - the event insurance premiums and Health & Safety requirements go through the roof astronomically otherwise, so by restricting it to participants and assistants, it makes the event manageable, safer, more relaxed and enjoyable and importantly keeps the cost down to you.

                              It is important to note that the track does attract stones and if you drive directly behind the car in front along the main straights your car could be subject to stone chips. If you’re worried about this it is advisable to fit bonnet protection or drive with this in mind throughout the event.