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regal diverter valve comments

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  • regal diverter valve comments

    what do the guys with these fitted think so far? worth it?
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    yeah would like to hear some peoples comments, i would like a baileys dump valve. some people say they r good others have mixed feelings,. but these diverters sound interesting


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      i dont think they sound any different, just wont break like the oem ones.
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        i got mine about 2 weeks ago, came assembled but you have to strip it down to fit it.
        done it today, im a plumber so am quite mechanical and it was a challenge, it took me 3 hours, (i get wound up quick so a few 5 min breaks help a lot.

        iv got a few tips as found it easier after i tried a few things.

        1st.. put little dobbs of super glue in the recesses for the o-rings and glue the o-rings in as they cause a lot of problems with falling out of place. take the torx bolts off and remove the two hoses off of the turbo and push it out of the way. you dont need to take the electrical connection off to do this and you have so much more visiblity.

        2nd..... on the two bolts you can use a rachett to undo them which is easier, 1/4 inch drive and extensions are needed.

        3rd..... cut a 5mm allen down as shown on previous pics as this is deffo needed.

        4th.... when taken off cut a 4mm allen key as shown.

        5th... get the piston and casing into the hole making sure the direction goes where i needs to go at the top. then coil the spring and electrical plate. push it and locate it in, and have the rachet with 4mm + extension and put the top bolt in doing it up tight, (i tried putting 3 in at equal time and doing bit up at time but but it keeps springging the bolts out and falling appart). then do the second easiest up. it will be easier to put the bolts in now because the first one holds all the dv in place.

        5th.... put everything back and test.

        hope this helps a lot as i think this is some good info to do it yourself.
        havnt drove it yet but hope it helps.



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          iv got pannel filter, just revving it makes a little woootch sound but not at all loud enough when driving with road noise. spool up noticed improvement and lagg reduced.
          worth 160 dont know, but i would buy one if that makes any sense.


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            ^^ thats good enough mate With a remus on, you wont hear the induction side of life anyhow
            Burg blood in my veins.... Ice cool Baby!
            !!Warning a VXR may inspire confidence!! Now for sale


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              I found the valve great it has totally got rid of the turkey noise and it goes through the rev range alot more dump valve noise than standard though!!!!
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                Totally agree with VXRSilver, the car is alot smoother and not so much lag in the turbo. Got rid of my turkey gobble too so was happy about that. Would recommend them to all on here just as a better quality alternative to the OEM one without the added bonuses....


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                  i have one fitted to my corsa,a lot better than std one.