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  • New Plugs

    I have just had new plugs fitted under warrantie, although the car is running better it still hesitates like a misfire. The garage say Tech2 shows no errors so thay not sure what to do or in other words go away.
    Has anyone had or got this problem and a fix ?

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    one thread from tms reads "The coil pack change isn't a 100% requirement, some cars need it some don't, all depends on whats happened while the plugs have been wrong. A quick test with the Tech 2 is all it needs."
    so maybe the coil pack maybe


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      It still hesitates? Second gear?

      Take it back, ask them to check cylinder ignition retard on a test drive, via snapshot if they need to but simply watching the cylinders is usually enough. (Its on data page 2), I'd bet a few quid its the coil pack and once swapped you'll be ok again.


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        Thanks Thorney , if only all dealers where like you, Vauxhall would be in a better place. Any chance of moving north?


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          Actually I have to say that Vauxhall Motors generally seems to have a pretty high proportion of really decent people in it. Most of the dealers we deal with (most, considering we supply them exhausts) are pretty good too. Sadly its the little negatives that stick in peoples minds and there are always people in an organisation who are going to drag it down regardless of who they work for, fortunately I've only met a couple of these within Vauxhall.