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  • Rear lights

    Afternoon all,

    Just wondered if anyone is or has had the same problem as me...

    My rear drivers side rear light has misted up, but like has been like it for several days now and not gone away.

    Called my local vauxhall yesterday and all the guy said was its pretty common and not covered on my warantee unless water is in it.

    So really just wondered if anyone had this ans did it go or how did they get rid of it, my Astra is on a 57 plate so not really that old to have a problem with the seal, but guess it could be??

    Any info / help would be great.



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    Do a search, this has been covered many times. Mine has had new lamps under warranty and going in for further work very soon on them
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      from memory i think if the mist clears after lights been turned on a while (not sure how long ) they are ok but if they don`t clear i think it`s a warranty issue ,
      mine mist up but clear after a few minutes , this also was the case on my previouse astra`s , sxi / sri / vxr 06 & and burg ,


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        Thanks guys for your reply.

        No it has still not cleared up Daz, has been like it for few days mate, and thought it would have cleared up this morning with weather bit better....but no still like it.

        Guess I better get back onto vauxhall about it, just p***es me off the way it looks...

        Did Vaux sort yours out then mate.