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  • Recall Day

    My burg has been back to vauxhall today arranged 2 weeks ago that when the parts came in that they would collect and deliver my car from and to work due to me starting at 8 and the service department not oppening till then.
    Two drivers turned up at 10.00 so handed my key over to the one that was going to drive the burg back to vauxhall, he took one look at the key then asked me how he opened the door and started the ignition(so i showed him) i asked him if he had ever drove a vxr before to which he replied No he had only just started working there so i warned him that they had a tendency to be a bit nippy (at least i knew he wasn't going to rag it!!!!!!!!)not the drivers fault but do drivers not get basic training?, if i had left my keys at reception how long would it have took him to get the car started?
    I reminded the driver that picked the car up to make sure i had the car back for 3.30 as i finish work at 3.45 and need to pick my children up he wrote on the notes work to be complete by 3.00 in big writing,
    At 3.20 NO CAR!!! so gave them a quick ring the girl on the desk went to find out where it was ringing me back at 3.45 to tell me it was on its way i then had to start ringing the people who had my children that i would be late then the car didn't turn up until 4.15 only a 10 min drive to vauxhall
    I know that Vauxhall is busy and they can get behind in jobs but if they had phoned me earlier to say there was going to be a delay i could have arranged to get home with a friend so i could have picked my children up on time or even arranged for someone else to pick them up. Usually excellent service from them but they have let me down just for the sake of aphone call (If theres a next time i will be demanding a courtesy car from the night before) anyway moan over got my burg back now with the work done

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    Originally posted by nurburgnicky View Post
    do drivers not get basic training
    Yeah its called driving leasons LOL, how hard can it be?

    And theres NO WAY i'd be handing the keys over to anyone like that! Bet it was just a show anyway, bet he new what he was doing and give it some beans when out of site!
    Corsa VXR Arden, 18's


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      i`ve no problem letting them pick my car up and dropping it off when the service is due , i totally trust the bloke who drives it , the only milage on it is the milage to garage and back plus the times they pick up and drop off is when roads are busy so virtualy impossible for him to rag the ar5e off it ,
      mine in tomorrow for studbolts doing but i`m getting a car from them , reason being it gets me out of work for an hour or so , with pay of course