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seen this re plates?!

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  • seen this re plates?!

    Was gonna order some plates with VXR logo on, searching online went to they have this message:

    From the 1st November 2008 it will be illegal to supply show plates with a registration number on it. The DVLA consulted many of the registered number plate suppliers late last year regarding the status of the "show plate" and how to make it legal by marking them with a logo showing them as "show plates", the DVLA did not want to put any of the many number plate suppliers out of business because many number plate suppliers were dependant on the showplate trade. Then in August this year the DVLA and government decided that show plates would be illegal to supply if it was supplied with a registration number on it, they also stated that the supply of show plates with names, clubs and the like was ok and legal providing that it was not a registration number. We have decided to supply only the components being the acrylic will contain the design/artwork as before but the registration will be supplied in component form for you to apply yourself. If you can apply a sticker to a window then you can as easily apply the registration, if you cannot stick a sticker on a window or any smooth flat surface then this system isn't for you. We are now only supplying what you can already get legally over any counter/internet store.

    So anyone know if police are clamping down etc?!

    Know they arent strictly legal - but i see loads around with logos on, so thought why not till i saw this.. and seems to be "off line".
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    I have been stopped 6 times in 8 weeks for show plates and now carry a proper set in boot and have had a full size one made aswell..
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      ive been driving on illegal pre 1973 style plates for nearly 3 months and never even been looked at twice by the cops (touchwood)
      feel very lucky after reading how many times you have been stopped marc


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        Do a search, you will find many threads recently about this subject. And yes the Police are clamping down with the DVLA also. If caught many times the worst case scenario is you have your plate seized from you by the DVLA and you have to re-register your car, so if you have a £1k private plate you would loose it. Oh, and also fines.


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          I got pulled in the vxr for illegal plates , told me if they caught me again they would do me!
          As they were local cops I swapped back to legal plates


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            Either I'm lucky or my plates aren't OTT!

            I've had the same set of plates for 5years without a problem!

            But both front and rear have pictures on the side, a slogan at the bottom, and the spacing is incorrect...

            Touchwood I'll stay untouched...


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              i had a small plate on the front of my old car for 1 year and now the same on my new car

              not a problem

              my new 1 dont even look like a plate tho as it reads

              CR5 8ELL

              just looks like chris bell imo


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                my missus as got caught twice in 5 weeks by the same copper,so I think they are clamping down, he say`s next time she gets caught it will be a fine + points on her licence + dvla will have the plate back and give her a Q plate ( she carn`t as then she can have black & white plates on the front & rear )
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