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Headlightsss ????

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  • Rob1981
    i wouldnt have bought my astra with the afl just because of that reason, they should come as standard on a top of the range car though, i bet there standard on the next astra vxr. You can get some good hid kits for the standard lights, think they can be as cheap as 70 quid if you shop about, they wont be legal but you should get away with them tbh

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  • Kennygvxr
    started a topic Headlightsss ????

    Headlightsss ????

    I am just wondering what sort of upgrade for the front lights can you get?
    what have you ppl done to upgrade yours?

    The reason why i ask is because nowdays xenons stand out at night because you know that it is a expensive car coming your way but with just the normal yellowish lights they r ****

    What you ppl think???