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NOS Octane Boost

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  • NOS Octane Boost

    Hi has anyone out there tried the NOS Octane Boost that you can buy in places like Halfords?
    There is 2 that i know of one adds 3 RON points and is priced at 9.99 and the other adds 6 ron and is priced 19.99.
    The question is would it damage the engine and would you notice a difference in power/torque?
    I know it's a lot of money if your using a 19.99 bottle per fill up but if you add it to shells v power rated 99 RON then you would be pushing 105 RON and thats up with that BP hi octane pump fuel which is £2.50 per litre.

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    I have to use 95 as my company will only pay for 95 unleaded, I use Silkolene Pro boost, with 95 ron you cab deffo feel a difference.

    I do not know what it goes like with 98ron or above and then pro boost.

    There is also Nitrox Octane boost, this seems ok as well.

    Ensure its Catalyst safe but if you are running 98 or above i would not bother as its gets too expensive....