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    Hi,just to let you all know im ordering my vxr in about a week Ive been to hell and back deciding the colour but i have chosen the arden blue.........I THINK! Could anyone tell me if it will come with chrome strips under the windows,ive asked the salesman but he wasnt to sure.He also wasnt too sure if the dash is now black instead of the usual silver.I will be adding the 19's and electric mirrors but not too sure about leather and xenon,they seem expensive add ons and not sure if they are worth it.

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    hi mega and welcome to the site , the chrome is now standard on the vxr , the dash used to be carbon and silver where the stereo is but now it's changed to all black ( prefer the carbon myself ) didnt bother with the leather too hot in summer for my liking , the afl i havent got and wish i had but have changed my bulbs for a pittance of the cost of afl 19's i also have but not the electric mirrors would be good though especially when i have to keep closing em when i put it in the garage , also if you want to spend some money on extras a MUST is the milltek exhaust as then if you come to tuning it a simple map will give you a stage 2 and 285bhp , so in my opinion exhaust 1st and then the rest
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      Like worsy said the milltek is a must, but also go for ECC to get a better dash display ( wish I did )


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        Totally disagree with worsy im afraid..........forget the exhaust and buy :wink: a wax!!!
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          I would get the exhaust as Worsy says, saves hassle later on. Leather I think is a good option, imo, with ECC you shouldn't get too hot during summer and the heated seats are a god send at this time of year, plus dead easy to clean . Not sure about the Xenons, I've got them and they look great but have some concerns over the visibility which I'm going to get the dealer to check as they seem a little low, especially when travelling on country roads at night .