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There not all bad!

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  • There not all bad!

    I thought I might praise a Vauxhall after service for once cause so many of you have issues with them it might be time to reassure our selves that someone out there does a good job.

    Drive Vauxhall have been **** for me the last few times but since there local and I was in no rush so I took my car in for the recall work. I also mentioned my horn doesn't work with lights on and that my exhaust was wonkey.

    First of all I booked in on monday and the guys on the desk never thought about actually ordering the parts in advance so I was sat around longer then I hoped..

    However everything was sorted bolts, horn and exhaust. The technician actually seemed to know what the hell he was on about unlike some and no quibbles as to that isn't covered under warrenty or we won't do that or whatever!

    The technician said he has an Arctic on order so I guess we'll seem him on here at some point as he asked about the forum.

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    M8 take note of the technician and only book ur car in if he works with it, this is what i do, i wont let anyone touch my car apart from one person from vauxhall


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      There's another... Pentagon at Burton.

      Mine went in yesterday for a new turbo cus the old one was leaking oil. When i picked it up it was parked miles away from anything else and had only gained another 3 miles, which i think was fair game considering they needed to make sure it was pulling as it should etc.