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manifold recall

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  • manifold recall

    took my vxr to my local dealer,for manifold recall
    had to take it last night,at work early today
    received a text saying it was ready for pick-up
    called after work
    was then informed they need to order some parts
    they had it all day,they have confirmed it needs the bolts renewing

    the mechanic had removed a bolt to confirm the wrong bolts fitted
    i asked why did they not have the required parts,as i have a letter from vauxhall
    very poor service
    needs to go back in
    lookers liverpool

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    I had that today, but they got them in same day...

    Even though I booked in 2 days earlier with a copy of the procedure with part numbers etc

    Was sitting around for 4 1/2 hours in the end.

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      Rang up about my recall and was told that the mechanic needs to measure the bolts on my car first , then if i need them i will have to take the car back again another day as it is a day's work, so and they will only need my car for half hour at most , so i will wait .
      I asked why its done this way they said its how vauxhall want to control this procedure , so it seems its not your favorite dealer its Vauxhall them selves ,
      perhaps they are feeling this credit crunch ..........


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        They were saying similar things when I was booking mine to be taken in. Basically they wanted my car brought in to be checked out even they didnt have the parts. Would potentially mean two journeys to the dealer, dont think they really think how practical these precudures are for the customer.

        Turned out my car didnt need the work, but its the principal!


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          for the love of GOD , we are talking about nuts and bolts here ..

          Its not like buying in a whole load of lettuce , bolts wont go out of date !!

          Get a grip VX and have some respect for the people who spend their hard earned cash on your products only to find some **** used the wrong part on the assembly line, get the parts to the dealers

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            I posted this up before - the 1st trip will be to diagnose whether it needs doing (dealer will do this without a booking for me) and then if needed book it in to have it remedied.

            Dealers will only be following advice that they have been given by vauxhall, the letter only means you possibly might need the studs renewing not a definite that they will