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slack lumpy gear change

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  • slack lumpy gear change

    is any one else in satisfied with the gear change in the vxr? It dos not feel nice. I had a drive in the new type r and the gear change in that is a dream any veiws ? Or do you mine is brokin?

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    its not the best but i dont think mine is broken.
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      I found if I drive realllly slow its not smooth to put in
      But if you change it quicker at higher revs I find its easier But I had my gran in the car so had to do 20-30 mph and it just seemed like.... Need a new gearbox but then Drove back my driving not thrash and it seemed better
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        Was thinking about this astra is 6 months old and from the start i noticed what i thought was a distinct bump after the gear had been selected and some acceleration applied..................its not there al the time and only in 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd....................i dont know enough about these things but i think im going to get opinions from some other drivers before i take it in to dealer.
        Dunno if ive explained it well enough but the "bump" is minor and can be felt through the this what yours is like Geldy??
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          It's the same gearbox as the Corsa and I don't like it either.


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            I've also noticed this and it isnt the best...can also hear it when u select each gear when you have the engine off, sounds rough.
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              I've got a knock back which you can feel through the gearstick in 1st and 5th when you rev and take off......and now I've got a whining noise too...I took it into Vx and due to go in on wed to have my diff bearings done..the tech said they had the same fault on a corsa!! he said the corsa it did it in 3rd!! get into vx to check it...