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Car damaged whilst in for warranty repair!

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  • Car damaged whilst in for warranty repair!

    Car has been in for a new rear drivers seat cloth which I will say has been replaced fantasticly, however on returning home and washing my car I noticed several dark scratches to my drivers door/rear quarter where the door opens also my door has been opened hitting something as the door edge is chipped in several places.

    Phoned the dealership up to inform them that I was on my way back in!

    Service guy came out and looked, then he brought out a paint guy and we left it that he will get the GM to ring me! They agreed that scratches are there and I kindly pointed out that there aren't any other scrathes anywhere else on the whole car as I know every inch of it like we all do on our VXR's! Paint guy said they will come out so I replied yes but not via t cut as I'm not having them coming back in 2 weeks time!

    This was 11am and I'm still waiting for the call! But as I'm quite patient I'm going to leave it until end of play tomorrow and see if he rings me, then I will enquire if this is how they treat customers who spend close on 17k in there dealership!

    No name and shame for now as from a sales point of view I was well looked after and the service part has been good until this has happened!


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    sorry to hear it m8 , i dread taking mine in cos the car parks always packed solid :?


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      them bl***y leithers hey andy :wink: , sorry to hear about it tho mate give em grief in the morning
      stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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        Car goin in on Wednesday to be sorted!


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          When you say drivers seat cloth what part do you mean?
          I have a difference of opinion to you.


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            The drivers back seat cloth had started to rip at the edges!


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              dealers damaged mine,took it in for paintwork problems when new,i think they polished them out,only problem was they were on the bonnet and i think the must have put the bonnet down with the polisher on top of the engine and it now has a nice crease on the bonnet,but of course they say they did not do it and try and prove it

              like they say you pay peanuts and you get monkeys
              how right they are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :^o