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Mad noise + 4th gear not up to much!!

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  • Mad noise + 4th gear not up to much!!

    Right down to the mad noise,
    its basically i noticed it when i stopped at lights and changed my cd and i could hear the car idle. All i can describe the noise as it lyk i weird blowing noise lyk a o poping. Any ideas? i dont want to take the car to vauxhall and waste my time.

    Down to 4th gear,
    today it seemd pretty lacking power am nt sure weather am been paranoid plus the bad weather might cause this. Also there is a flat spot around 4-5 rpm, Any ideas

    And not forgetting its only got 700 miles on the clock...

    Thanks All

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    when does it happen
    Is it like a flutter noise if yes then your vaccum hose has come undone when you change gear does it go pst pst pst pst like that
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      It happens wen its jst ticking ova like a mad lil noise

      And it makes a noise wen i change gear like its sort of got a dummy valve,

      The noise wen i change gear is like a blowing noise.