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IMPORTANT: Rear bumber flutters

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  • IMPORTANT: Rear bumber flutters

    Good day to you!

    Have you heared from the problem that the lower part of the rear bumber starts fluttering at about 120 km/h (75 mph)?!

    Well, drive with another car behind your VXR and watch it!

    Because of this fluttering the right rear internal wing has got a cleft.

    To add to this it's not only a problem on my OPC, every OPC/VXR has got this problem.
    Keep up and maybe aggravate it!

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    ours is ok according to hubbie who was following me the other day in his new car.


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      How fast have you been?

      You have to look very exactly, becuase it's just the lowest part.
      Our's is broken now .
      In the German Forum everyone who tested it, had a fluttering rear bumber.


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        Fast enough

        I will have to go out again and get baz to look.


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          I made a picture from the cleft and also from the part which is fluttering .

          And of cause on the other side, too.


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            deff will double check



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              Originally posted by VXR - xtc
              deff will double check

              No problem .
              You can test it before driving. Push against the part which is fluttering and you will see how easy it is. Then thinking on the wind power by more than 70 miles per hour made me believe that it's fluttering.

              But would be very interesting if you don't have such a problem. Let me know!


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                very interesting TwinSport, thanks
                it is abit flimsy as felt when washing that part
                i think someone on here had mudflaps fitted, so their experiences would be interesting to see if it caused similar problems


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                  mine seems to be ok mi mates carnt see any thing wen there behind me plus i carnt see anyu thing wen some one else drove mine and both times its been 75+
                  sigpic proud owner of astra vxr n custom vivaro nurburg


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                    Andy TooFast and i were travelling down to the donnington meet last year following each other at sometimes very high speeds. We talked about this bumper wobble, no damaged has been caused. Just check it is all secured properly underneath.


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                      It will be repaired by guarantee. If you don't want to have such cleft, you have to stabilize it.
                      At least here in Germany where you nearly always drive 244 km/h or even more.

                      But if I got you correctly, your bumber fluttered, too? But you have no cleft yet?


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                        I dont know if mine did it, but Andy's did, but that was at around 120, no problems anyway.


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                          Something new?

                          The cleft went bigger, here. Heard by another one having this problem, he's also often driving fast.

                          Could you please do one thing?
                          Check if the left rear internal wing is more stable than the left one.

                          Thanks for that .



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                            I've noticed that the rear bumper is very flimsy when cleaning it

                            Will get somebody to follow me and see if it flutters.


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                              funny you should bring this up, every time i wash the car it worries me how flimsy the bumpers are, theres plenty of movement in the rear one. I will do the same and get someone to look at it while driving, wont be the other half though, she's just crashed hers