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    Whats the biggest double din screen you can put in your astra vxr

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    Originally posted by Rossi View Post
    Whats the biggest double din screen you can put in your astra vxr
    Looky here.......
    Corsa VXR Arden, 18's


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      Cheers where do you get the black piano surounds from


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        VX Dealers


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          My vehicle is an 07, so Dash was originally Silver.
          Originally I painted it myself with Matt Black, Clear Laquer and loads or polishing and it looked fine.

          I then had my steering wheel changed and Vauxhall kindly replaced the whole lot including original Piano Black steering controls etc, thanks...
          The Climate control was around £150 from vauxhall, I was told you couldnt just buy the Black Front, only the whole unit, might be alot cheaper if you dont have Climate???

          But I found a broken black climate on ebay for around £30 which i just used the facia from and then purchased the main dash from VX Dealer. Remember to order the one with the right amount of buttons, mine is a four button, Heated seats etc...

          Part number from Vauxhall is 13266831 £40.48 INC VAT... (Four Button)

          Pretty reasonable in my opinion.

          Hope this helps.
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            FOA ROSSI

            i`ve been meaning to spray mine so if i finally get off my ar5e and get the spray i`ll do it over weekend and post pics up , if they turn out ok i`ll spray yours for you if you want , i`ll post pics when they are done ,