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Diesel VXR?

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  • Diesel VXR?


    I haven't posted on here before but need some info.

    I love the Astra VXR and have been hitting the road hard in the company car so I can get the required miles and opt out to buy the VXR. Well the time's come and..........I ordered an R26. I know you guys will destroy me for making the wrong choice but financially it makes more sense for me. If I can keep the cost down I could make money out of opting out the company car. Believe me I did really want the VXR. Heart says VXR head says R26.

    Anyway, in the quest for keeping it cheap (I do lots of miles) has anyone heard if there is a diesel VXR planned?

    I used to hate diesels after I had to go from my MkIV supra to the company vectra I have now but I drove a 1.9TDI Ibiza FR the other day and the torque was amazing. Plus it'll run forever on a tank of fuel.

    I thought that the combination of the VXR's looks, a great VXR diesel engine and a trillion mpg would convert me in an instant.

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    its called the astra 888

    fantastic car.


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      Agreed. The 888 is cool but I'm going for a lease hire deal as I get a monthly contribution from my company. Only 100 888's means there's no chance I'll get one that way


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        yeah that's not fantastic.

        Shame... the R26 is a nice car still tho.


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          It'll keep a smile on my face for now. Doesn't feel as solid as the VXR though.

          I took both out for test drives first and have to say the VXR felt more lively when you put your foot down though there's no doubting the R26 is fast. I never really noticed all this talk about Torque steer either. I'm glad it's started to get better reviews in the mags as it's a great car.


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            I kno what you mean. When we took it out for a test drive i was worried about putting my foot down incase the torque steer cut in and i cudn't control it. I can safely say that I have never had a problem with it.

            I'm glad the hubbie dragged me to the dealers and test drove it as up to now i have never been a VX fan and after seeing the VXR reviews i was put off. Now im a converted member