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Questions on my mind, can you help?

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  • Questions on my mind, can you help?

    I’ve been hanging around reading about VXR’s, dreaming, and looking at as many pics as I can find! I think it can only lead to one thing! I’d just like to put a few things down that I’m worried about, maybe you kind people on here can help me out please.

    1). The Sport Hatch that I drive has a knock/clunking from the steering, it’s something that you can feel through the pedals when you turn in to side streets or manoeuvre at low speeds. My Astra Coupe used to do this and was fixed by fitting a new steering rack! Has anyone noticed anything like this with their VXR?

    2). I seem to recall reading that the clutch problems on the Astra H had been resolved and the revised item would be out in March, do you think that this will have made it to the production line by now?

    3). Did the alarm problem get resolved, mine goes off randomly 

    4). Are the 19s highly sought after or is it something not worth thinking about?

    5). Seat bolster wear… is this unavoidable?

    Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing from everyone.
    I'll just give it a quick wash!

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    Hi there
    1 no nothing like that on mine
    2 2nd Astra H no clutch problems
    3 In 3 years and 2 cars no problems
    4 I dont know
    5 The factory fitted seats in both cars didn't wear
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      as above but if you are buying one i would go for the 19s

      but my drivers bolster has a bit of wear


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        no to all get 1 you will love it
        stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power