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  • clifford alarms

    im looking at clifford alarms on ebay and am intersted in the clifford g5 ones, anyone know if they will fit the vxr, or do they fit any car, and if one buys the intellistart module can this just be added on to the alarm.

    also tracker modules can these also be purchased second hand and installed no problems
    Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap

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    i would spaek to arden on this 1 corsa he has loads of problems with fitting 1 on his car mate :?
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      oh blimey, really yeah did think they could be troublesome may leave it then cheers mate
      Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap


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        Yeah his problems went on for ages, lights blowing, ecu lights popping up all sorts. Sounded a nightmare.


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          yup that sums it up :?

          at present clfford will not fit another alarm into my car until a canbus module is released due to over a grands worth of damage being caused by the 2 previous 950 that they fit

          anyone want anymore info PM me your no and i will give you a bell :wink:


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            In my experience Clifford are all gadgets and buttons and are cr*p.

            No end of problems with all the ones I had (already fitted) and I never felt safe locking it!

            I am sure people just buy them for their spec sheet!


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              Agree with the last post - I've never, ever seen a clifford that worked properly - same old story the installer blames clifford, clifford blames the installer.
              Find a local specialist and ask for advice, Im a bit out of the loop nowadays with all this stuff but sigma and laserline always seemed to get good results.


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                the main reason i went for the clifford was the blakjack feature as my partner uses the car more than me !!

                even if you break into the house and steal the keys and alarm fob the blakjack will still activate and shut the vehicle down once the thief has got a safe distance from you :wink:

                as for other alarm manufacturers yes there are good alarms out there but one of the main concerns is the point of immobiliztion ........this alone can cause a spike into the vxr causing severe electrical problems of which i have had many


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                  I have dealt with my local ICE/alarm dealer for many years and trust him, they stocked and fitted Cliffords until very recently becasue of continuing problems with clifford both the alarms and the company he advised me to steer clear of Clifford as in recent years the quaility of their systems has really gone down hill he told me he could fill most of his week fixing warranty issues with them he has now stop stocking them al together and only deals with laserline which he highly recommends.