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I can't handle the power - what do I do?

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  • I can't handle the power - what do I do?

    I will give you the basic details and then go further into it as and when questiosare asked. It is such a short simple story that it shouldn't take long.

    Today me and my wife were down in Dorset and driving back from a funeral to the wake to Corfe Mullen and eventually to Swanage. (We drove down this morning and returned this evening). Needless to say, it has been pi$$ing it down all day, and I managed to achieve my best MPG ever today on my way down as the spray and conditions were so bad. (I am hoping this coupled with where we were going builds an idea of how I "wasn't" driving ;-) ).

    Anyway, at a roundabout whereby I take the 2nd exit, positioned at 2 o'clock (worth noting a regular route for us), I had scrubbed off a load of speed having reached the roundabout from a NSL DC. It was particularly wet and know the RAB has an ever so slightly degenerated surface at points around it. But in general it is your normal, concrete RAB in god condition.

    Anyway, I remember slowing right down and coming off the brakes as I entered the RAB, taking a 2nd and literally start to walk it around the RAB. (Red arrows portray my intended direction). We were going in the region of 15mph, certainly no more than 20mph and it is fair to say although my memory is partial, that I may have slightly straightened the line (Blue large dots). Thats about it. There was nothing special about the circumstances at all. Start to turn in, reach the required angle and balance the car around the bend at a constant speed. Almost at the point I stop turning the wheel to the right, (green cross) the back lets go (small blue dots ). In the following 1 second these were my thought processes:

    Oh, bit slippy here...

    ****, really slippy...

    Into a rear wheel skid now...

    Erm... still turning round.

    ****, this is a big one...

    Oh dear....

    And there I was facing the car that was behind me on the RAB, who laughed at me, then drove off. It was all very slow, nothing at all was hit and I was aware there was only one car far enough behind me to to worry, so all in all we werent that bothered. But I just couldnt believe it had happened.

    I was in complete shock. The main reason being, I just could not fathom how this happened at all. The wife actually laughed as well, much to my amazement, as she usually can't deal with involuntary car movements. She said she felt very safe and how bizarre it was considering how slow we were going. I still to this moment don't get it at all, and made a mental note there and then that on our way back we were visiting that RAB again and inspecting it. FWIW the second my **** went light I turned in the opposite direction, and followed the usual rules.

    We returned later and drove round it. It was still wet and my wife said she saw a bit of petrol on the road. I didn't see any however so I am inclined not to think that was the cause. What we did both see and feel however is alot of mud / possible horse excrament on the outer half of the point we span. It was not highly visible but you could see the surface grimed and slightly brown. The point felt slippy as I drive around it but not as slippy as oil / petrol / ice etc, more like surface debris slip.

    So I am left with 2 possible reasons that I can think of:

    They are:

    1) Debris caused the rear wheels to break traction during the turn in / bend and prevented the rear wheels from gaining grip during the correction procedure.


    2) Having initiated the rear wheel skid and start to turn in, I was late or sudden on releasing the throttle during correction which "could" have inadvertently contributed the spin by way of lift off oversteer, feeding it etc.

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    Interesting read, I have a livery yard and know all about the cr*p that horses leave on the road. What was the temp? also i am amazed that your misses saw petrol on the road as petrol will evaporate, would normally be oil and mixed with water will show a rainbow effect in the surface.

    So if it was cold, horses cr*p and oil with water mix i guess it would be quite slippy. How tight a round about was it in regard to change in direction, this could add to the spin.

    Oh and what are your tyres like for tread?


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      sounds like some derv on the road, you shouldnt be spinning a car at those speeds buddy! lol
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        I dont think a "sudden on releasing the throttle during correction " would make much difference at 15mph.
        I dont think the power you have would make any difference at these speeds...

        You were just unlucky, whether it was DIEsel/petrol or $hite you'll never know, but all WE can do is keep our eyes peeled and take xtra care in these conditions!

        I once had the back end step out fully 90deg on a narrow road going around a tight corner, in my old car, hardly any speed and no throttle. Luckly I held it. **** me up though! Next day I went back to find sand all over the road and POLICE accident signs! No doubt someone wasnt so lucky and DIEsel was on the road...
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          foot to the pedal with opposite lock would of sorted that if you had of been game enough .
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            Read the very ending of this thread i wrote.

            You were unlucky simple as....but lucky also!!

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              Opp lock should suffice but you should remove the cause by releasing throttle or ce clutching, using throttle is the last thing you should do as it will spin the wheels up...

              My tyres are all good condition, and equal makes etc. Temps were low but not freezing...


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                is this a serious post?


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                  Originally posted by Spool View Post
                  is this a serious post?
                  Well if you read my thread i linked up and my mate wrote off his skyline doing exactly the same then yes i would say so.
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                    I have had this happen twice on the same roundabout that I used to drive to work via for 7ish years.

                    Both times was extremely wet and was going slower in accordance with the conditions. Both situations I reacted the same as you and ended up facing the way I came (Came across a colleague on the same spot once as well)!

                    Basically unless you can put it down to oil/diesel I can only assume that as you start to see that you've lost traction, you lift off and that weight transfer is enough on a slippery surface to see the rear overtake the front?



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                      Originally posted by vxrmarc View Post
                      Well if you read my thread i linked up and my mate wrote off his skyline doing exactly the same then yes i would say so.
                      i didnt refresh the page before posting so didnt see your thread. and im not being moaney

                      just seemed a little bit of an odd post!! started by saying he'll keep it short but we had a whole essay with diagrams!! lol!

                      personally i would have said i just span out but i guess that leaves the subject open for abuse!!

                      anyway.... yeah, england is pants. eyes peeled and keep safe, wet roads are bad enough let alone oily greasy dirty ones......


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                        pmsl at this post, sure you might have touched a oil patch but come on man up and keep your foot in.

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                          its easy to see why so many guys on motorbikes go skidding off ....and moan about lorrys and diesel spills so much !!!


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                            I have hit a van doing 15mph on a bike (he pulled out in front of me ) , when you do that you realise how fast/sore 15 is !! There was one of them police shows on a few weeks back when some old duffer had rolled her corsa, doing about 20mph , the police couldn`t believe it, in a residential area, she walked away unhurt, corsa on its roof on the pavement ...


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                              I dunno how you guys deal with them 'round-a-bout' things over there.