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First MOT and 30k Service -Are dealers trustworthy?

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  • First MOT and 30k Service -Are dealers trustworthy?

    My Astra will be due its first MOT in the New Year, so seeing as how its on 27k thought I'd book it in this week for Service and MOT, the idea being that if anything needs sorting it could be done under warranty.... At least thats the theory! Does anybody know how trustworthy dealers can be so close to the warranty expiry date? Are they likely to turn a blind eye to potential probs, in the hope they can screw more cash out of unsuspecting punters in the near future? Don't forsee any problems but I can't be doing with "oh, what a shame it's just out of warranty!" in a few weeks time.
    For the record its booked into Dobies Vauxhall - Cumbria, any history?

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    I would trust my dealer more than an independent on the high street personally.
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      yes deffo go to main dealer as they go on special training courses to know they way around a vauxhall where as most side street garages more or less learn as their going along(so if they have never had a vxr in before they would be learning on your car). I have never had trouble with my dealer ( Hutchings in Treforest) I think some times in this forum people tell you only of the bad experiences they have had and not the satisfactory experiences.


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        Think about it m8, dealers still get paid if a warrenty claim is made, vaux pay them for the work they do, so if it need doing and they spot it then yes they will do.

        Mates VXR ran out of warranty last week, he took it in 1 day...... yep 1 day before it expired to sort a windscreen motor problem and an afl fault. All parts replaced under warranty the day before it ran out, and all the new parts are covered for 1 year

        very happy man