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vxr dump valve

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  • vxr dump valve

    i put a twin piston dump valve on my astra, wot type of running problems could u expect with these, the fuel pressure regulator was connected to the dump valve via t-piece would fuel consumption problems get caused by havin a dvalve on it ? including my range on dash

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    Theres been alot of problems when fitting these to vauxhall engines....leaking boost is one which happens....its a bit of a hit or miss but best to stay well clear of them just in case.
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      Just fitted my bailey one to the Zaf, and been out for a good far, so good. No running issues, and a nice waaaaaaaaaaaaatsch! coupled with the pipercross induction. It just looks and sounds hilarious in the bus. I know, i'm just a big chav at heart


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        I had a baileys twin piston on my astra connected to the fuel pressure regulator. I know people who are still running them may disagree but i felt that there was a decrease in power. Also if I put the cruise control on when going up a hill the car jerked about like mad, that was my Q to take it off! Run at your own risk i suppose.



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          I was told by RC Developments when i had my evo that you should never connect anything to the fuel pressure regulator because if you get any leaks the car could run lean and melt the pistons. thats why i have plumbed my boost gauge into the original dump valve take off pipe.


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            do ya get accurate figures? just asking as i believe thats electronicly activated by a throttle sensor and therefor not a true vacume

            the car will go into limp mode itf the fpr vacume becomes dissconnected



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              dont think any in car gauge will give 100% accurate readings but they seem close enough to what they should be. from what i understand the fuel pressure regulator reading is only based on fuel and boost pressure being approximatly 1 to 1.


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                ahh right , i guess the question i should of asked really is does a dump valve cause more fuel consumption really


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                  dont think it uses any more fuel mate. i had one on my mk4 gsi and had no problems. i fitted one to my vxr and had no problems but i removed it for a trip to the dealers and found it was much nicer to drive without it so i sold it.


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                    ahh right o nice one thanks for the info guys, are the dump valves louder if u take the spring outta the diverter and fit the pipe so its always open so the d-valve is doing all the boost dumping bet it would be a tad louder thinking about it actually


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                      you will probably find tat the car will not run as smooith as it would without a dv i found this and removed it, you'll find money better spent on a re map and you get a nice chirp from the engine any way wich sounds sweet


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                        Ive had one on the astra for 56,000 and had no problems atol.

                        The do nothing performance wise and most good tuners advise to remove when tuning to the next few stages as they do nothing atol.

                        Im happy with the wagsssssh coupled up with the k&n sounds good.

                        Alot of folk on here think there chavy but each to there own.