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Took my car for a MOT today

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  • Took my car for a MOT today

    Well its nearly its 3rd birthday in a few months so i took it for a MOT today,

    and when i got the phone call to say it had FAILED i nearly fell over !

    its done 22k and it courts stage 3 with full Milltek.

    it failed on the emissions !

    i am picking it up in the morning so i wont know how much over the limit it is, but i have been racking my brains as to how i can get the emmissions lower ?

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    wouldnt have expected that!.......i'd sepak to your mechanic and tuner mate


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      i rekn its the cat


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        mine had its MOT 2 weeks back without any issues running stage 3 and full milltek,
        have the tester take it for the drive component prior to carrying out the emissions test, the main cat needs to be hot to do its job hence the fitment of a pre cat to the oem exhaust system.


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          Thats not good wonder how many others will fail

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            As Aussie said...the cat has to be hot....take it out for a spirited drive then get them to do the emissions straight away...worth a try
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              As Aussie and Rams have said the car needs to be taken for a run so that the CAT has temperature in it


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                I had my car MOT'd last Friday and it passed. I have stage 2 with Remus though and it wasn't driven prior to testing. I didn't expect it to fail on emissions but if it had I would have been straight on the phone to VXRPC!!

                I wouldn't expect the Milltek to fail either. Sure John (TMS) will be able to advise if your dealer won't test it after a drive. At least you've got plenty of time to sort it out before the MOT is due though!


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                  As has been said - car needs to have decent run to get the CAT hot - I would also reccomend changing the oil if it's not been changed in a while as this can also help with emission failures



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                    Yes the CAT needs temperature to work fully, but also be aware that high flow CAT's dont last anywhere near as long OEM kit. Fewer cells, more temperature and more flow = a CAT with less than 9 lives!

                    How long have you been running stage 3?


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                      Had mine done (MOT & 3rd service) a couple of weeks ago and had no problems apart from tyres being V close to the limit!


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                        The exhaust has been fitted for 18 months.

                        it also failed on the sunstrip i have on the front windscreen, this has now been removed.


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                          sun strips cant touch where the wiper goes

                          and if u have no precat u need to booot it before the emissions on them

                          ask for a retest and say do emmissions 1st and just boooot it before u get there and wate for it to warm up and cool down before booting
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                            id just fit the standard downpipe and ive it a go!



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                              Originally posted by zletsgo View Post
                              As has been said - car needs to have decent run to get the CAT hot - I would also reccomend changing the oil if it's not been changed in a while as this can also help with emission failures
                              Oil change would be well worth a shot, as it removes any excess hydrocarbons from the oil which would otherwise be vented back into the induction side.

                              I am suprised that the milltek failed as they use HJS 200 cell cats which are very good, but as mentioned in another post, they dont last as long as OEM cats.

                              Remus systems will be even worse as they use 100 cell cats, and can struggle to scrub the emissions even when new....... on OBDII cars anyway.