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CDC40 Opera without DAB?

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  • CDC40 Opera without DAB?

    Hello folks,

    Sorry to butt in on the Astra Forum but I'm hoping someone here may know of the answer. I am due to pick up a Meriva VXR next week.....It has a CDC40 Opera + graphic display but no DAB reception? I also noticed that it does not have the slightly larger ariel base like on other CDC40 or CD70 equipped models.

    Does anyone know if it is simply a matter of getting Vx to Tech2 it to get it working or is it likely to need a new ariel as well. If any one knows the answer please let me know....also are any other parts required for DAB to work if the upgrade is possible


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    I don't think the units are DAB capable, but sure someone will confirm


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      Sorry to bring bad news but the DAB system on the 40 was seemingly poor and has been generally deleted, so the unit has been left to continue only as an analogue unit. However, our attempts to get one fitted to a VXR Astra in analogue form were turned down, so I guess there are only limited stocks and you got one of the last. We were led to believe that the DAB functionality was disabled - but since on a couple of our cars it was hopeless I'm not sure it's worth the effort of trying to return to function even if it were possible.

      Stand to be corrected electronics is not my area of expertise.


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        All the cdc40 opera units are Dab capable but the latter models as mentioned deleted the dab. So what was deleted, well the actual DAB box behind the glovebox, the wiring and mount for the dab box and the aerial on the roof along with the connectung cable for the aerial.

        You could in theory add a DAB unit if you bought all the parts but the actual dab box was over £100 and the aerial was over £50 for the base. Add this to the cost of the programming on tech2 and you are easily looking at over £200 just for DAB. As has been said the Dab unit was not great in the first place so as far as the expense I would say it was not worth it.


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          Thanks for the advice guys. I used to have DAB in my Mark 4 Astra GSI but it was all Kenwood stuff & superb. Shame the Vx stuff is pants as the factory units are so much less inviting for thieves!