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  • Is this possible

    I would like an arden blue vxr with 19's and less than 5k miles for between £14-£15

    i appreciate this may seem low seeing as a lot of people will have paid £19k from a dealer. However retailers such as motormart and other supermarkets are doing brand new cars for £16895.

    I am not trying to be cheeky but as we all know the second hand value is terrible and they are estimating that a vxr will be worth £9k after 3 years!!!

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    i paid 14k for mine with stage 2 ,full miltek exhaust and 19s. oh and it had 4800 miles on it.

    it is possible but i was very lucky
    stage 2 vxr

    [email protected]


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      you might get a red or a black one for that.
      and before everybody jumps on me for saying that a spent a while trying to find an arden blue for 16k and found the only ones available for 16k and under were the red and black cars


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        i guess its going to be a case of keeping my eye out and checking every other day


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          You might find a decent 55/06 plate for that price, always a bargain to be had somewhere.
          I would take the residual values with a pinch of salt though, the VXR can more than handle its own in the hot hatch market so if its going to drop thousands so will all the competiton.
          If they go cheaper than the rival hot hatches peolpe will go out and buy the vxr resulting in increasing demand and raising the cost again.