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Engine Fan query

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  • Engine Fan query

    Hi guys,

    I need some advice as my engine fan keeps coming on? Even when, I started the engine from cold. I had the car serviced 4 months ago and I have done only probably 2000 miles since. All fluids appear fine including oil. It started yesterday after I traveled to Rushden from Milton Keynes, roughly a 50 round trip. I do not normally travel that kind of distance (Even though 50 miles isn’t far) I live close to work and always do short journeys.

    Nothing obvious seems wrong or no warnings on the dash board have appeared. So I am confused why the fan is operating because the car might be over heating. So would an unusual distance traveled cause this?

    Has anyone else experienced inconsistencies with their engine fan?

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    One fan or two? Usually, one fan will stay on at a lower rpm setting. Second one kicks in for a minute or two when engine temps start to creep up.


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      The main large fan at front of the engine bay - the noiser one. I just found out its coming on without switching the ignition on as well!


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        you using your air con!?


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          you may have a faulty coolant temp sensor.

          if it is faulty,or you have a wiring short on the circuit it will kick the fans on at fullspeed as a safety feature to stop you cooking the engine.

          bring up you coolant temp on your display and see if it moves or reads.if it doesnt,you probably have a dodgy sensor.
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            My fan came on outside tesco's the other day as an old biddy walked past and she almost hit the deck with fright and then was almost sucked in. Makes a fair noise as ive never heard it on.