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dump valve question

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  • dump valve question

    thinking of putting a dump valve onto my berg,i know how to fit these as ive fitted them before,but my question is does it make the car run not right and give you problems,also which is the best ones to fit,i fitted one to my mates vxr and it didnt make much of a noise

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    not had any experience with VXR's but my Evo VIII used to stall with a dump valve fitted especially on full lock annoying when doing a 3 point turn LOL!


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      i would like to know about this aswell as i have heard bad things. and which one suits best ect cheers


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        if u buy it like this its well easy 2 do .
        i had all the pipes and it took an hour 2 do it all and it comes with fittin kit
        the only thing the DV in not every loud looks nice tho .


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          had mine on for a week now on the Zaf. No problems to report, pickup actually feels abit cleaner...don't know wether thats a pyschological thing or not...


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            What about the Regal Diverter valve?
            ..:: Cheers, Stu ::..


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              the regal one wont woosh like the bailey......some peeps have had problems some havent....
              WARNING all replys are incorrect as usual


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                ive had mine for 2 years, the bailey dv26, makes a classy noise Rather then chavish. feels like second gear picks up quicker. no problems, there designd not too start problems with idle because its twin piston.


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                  I want 1 but if they are as quiet as people make out i think i may be wastin my time as gettin a remus.??


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                    i got a remus. if i have the sport button on with the wid the window open the dv sound nice i have herd if u have it remapped it louder as ibzvxr23 said its a nice sound not chavish


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                      Ive had one three years now and no bother with it.

                      The question i want to know is that there is a lot of people who say "ive heard" but i havent actually read anywhere of people who have actually had a problem or what the problem is.

                      Its all just "oh i wouldnt fit one it wont run right" etc etc but no one has said or started a thread that ive read any way saying "fitted my dv and had it a month now and the car goes into limp mode or loss of boost or any factual evidence to back up the hearsay.

                      Not trying to start arguements but would like the facts or people who have had problems not "i heard".

                      I know they do nothing performance wise but some people just want the woosh as they've always wanted a turbo car and want to hear the woosh.


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                        I've had a Baileys on for a year now and had no problems with it, and to be fair it's fairly loud and mines just a standard car. They are well easy to fit too.

                        I've not heard of any problems with them either, but i'm starting to think mine is getting tired. It constantly vents when i'm travelling and holding it steady at around 90 but don't know why, think it's just cos it sort of on boost and off boost at the same time, and sometimes it whistles. I presume thats just what they do. it's still working fine apart from that and hasn't caused any other problems with the car itself.

                        I think if you want one and are wondering about it then just get one and try it out, i did and never regretted it.