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What good is a bloody warranty...

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  • What good is a bloody warranty...

    When you cant even get someone to have a "quick look" at your car - let alone fix the damn thing.

    I've been ringing around all damn morning - all local VX dealers etc trying to get someone to diagnose a problem I have with the car but all I keep getting told is "we will need to book it in" and "we aint got nothing free for another 10 days yet".

    FF sake - I just need someone to give it a looking over for FIVE mins and a rough diagnosis of what the problem "could be" and then we can go from there

    Incidently - the problem is related to the cooling fan which sits behind the rad which is kicking in and going 10 to the dozen as soon as the car is started up and will then not switch off - its even going several mins after I turn the damn ignition off and go inside. All fluid levels - oil/water seem as normal so it looks an electrical fault but I aint no wizz with cars so I have **** all idea. Whats more I dont know whether the damn car is safe to drive or not

    So at the moment the car is sat outside and I;m scratching my gonads as for what to do next

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    Speak to Thorney... he is based locally and can do warrenty work for VX... I'm sure he will be able to help you out.

    Thorney Motorsport Ltd
    Dunsby Road
    Milton Keynes
    MK6 4AD

    Tel: 01908 238 798
    Fax: 01908 238 799
    email: [email protected]


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      I think we did speak.

      Happy to have a quick look but it didn't sound like something that a quick look would solve tbh so it would need two trips. Happy to do that if you need but figured that was more of a pita than not.


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        I've just turned up at my dealer before and asked for small things to be done, including fitting a second set of locking wheel nuts, quick tech 2 (to confirm faulty CIM problem) and check whether something had fallen off the car! :?

        Just turn up and ask if they can tech 2 the car to see if anything obvious is wrong. Less likely to say no when you are there in person but I guess that depends on the dealer but also how busy they genuienly are.


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          Just remember, its the 1st March tomorrow and many dealers are stacked prepping cars for customers to take delivery of. Its alwasy the busiest time of year in the workshops for new car dealers.
          Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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            Originally posted by Thorney
            I think we did speak.

            Happy to have a quick look but it didn't sound like something that a quick look would solve tbh so it would need two trips. Happy to do that if you need but figured that was more of a pita than not.
            Yeah gotta admit John was spot on and real helpful - an honour to finally speak to the man himself

            I think what I need John is a rough idea as to what it is and whether its risky driving the car so that I can make alternative arrangments if I need to lose the car and have it sat idle...

            As you may well know - MK hasnt the best of transport systems - so getting to work at 4am without a car is a little more difficult...

            But if you are cool for me to bring it down this afternoon then I can mate?


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              Pop it down mate, until I see it its hard to diagnose it but happy to have a look. It sounds electrical so theres every possibility it can be quick fix.

              Got 2 M3's and 1 M5 here at moment so we'll have to squeeze you in somehow


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                Sounds like a faulty temp sensor for the cooling fan, as your fan is running you won't overheat the engine so you will be ok to drive the car, keep an eye on your levels just to be sure, I'd also go with what Ian suggested and have a ride down to your local dealership, they're more inclined to be helpful if you are actually there, no doubt problem can be diagnosed quickly and maybe even repaired there and then.


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                  My car does this from time to time. Switch on in the morning and I can hear a fan. Fan comes on also when eng is hot and then goes off or goes off when engine switched off. All reasonable activity I presume. Nothing to suggest anything is wrong - car seems to run okay. I thought the morning fan might have something to do with the air con. Think there are two fans that I can see when I poke my head under the hood.


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                    My last car had 2 fans and they would spin up if the airconditioning was on, I dont know if this is the case with the Astra ??


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                      Robbie was spot on Twas the temp sensor - went down to Thorney and John along with one of his guys looked at it right away and problem seemed to be that there wasnt much play in the wiring that connects to the sensor and it had kinda come outta place. It was pushed back in and quickly Tech 2'd and no problems so a big thanks to Jhn for accomodating me at such short notice AND solving the problem too!!!

                      And I didnt leave without booking in for my first service and milltek fitting in 3 weeks


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                        all sorted, good stuff mate, im in Friday arvo so if you wont to see what the stage 3 is like drop on in