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well it goes tmorrow!!

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  • well it goes tmorrow!!

    becuz im gonna be averaging 25k to 30k a year i have had t trade in the astra for a diesel instead.
    got the car valued at £10,500 but luckily got £11,250 becuz my brothers friend is the business manager.only had 13k on the clock aswell.

    gutted t see it go.

    just wanna thak ppl for helpin me out with questions i had an vxrcourt for the smd it made a massive difference.hope t be back on ere again soon!!

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    get it lpg coverted like me and a few others then u dont need to worry about petrol costs
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      Originally posted by bower123456 View Post
      get it pg covered like mennnn ew ohersthen dont nedto worry about petr costs
      What he said, Mines cheaper to run than a diesel and its faster too..


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        yeah my thoughts too, gas conversion pays for itself many times over and you still have the saftey and power to use. More power on gas too if the car is modified
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