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wheels on a burg

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  • wheels on a burg

    ive been looking throught the used section for the best part of an hour with no luck. what im trying to find out is did the burg come with a pick of what alloys you wanted, as i know a lot came with strieghts, but ive seen some with compomotive CXT's, i think this was an up grade with DAP but not quite sure, but ive also seen on someones sig strip a burg with white 5 spokes and im just woundering are these also done by compomotive?

    am i right in saying the off set for the 18'z is ET37?
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    the burgs had the standard white alloys mate some dealer and people orderd cars with the vxr 19s...others purchased the comps from dap or some have pro race...
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      No - choice was the white 18" and the later 19" VXR alloy.

      The pre release car photos had different alloys (Speedline Turinis??? iirc) which couldn't be approved in time hence them selecting another wheel



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        Revolution can get them from DAP but i got them from ebay...couldnt face cleaning the white multispokes.

        Or as seen on andy_gdon's car with the DAP-R springs.....look mint.
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