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Head Lamps fogging

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  • Head Lamps fogging

    I have found all our light lenses are now misting up / fogging, car booked in for a test on friday.

    If anyone has a similar fault please let me know, as vauxhall say if it demists after 20 minutes then its ok ?

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    alot of units get this, just whatever the conditions were when they were sealed.
    binos in work have been getting filled with a gas (cant remember what type lol) to eliminate this problem. we just need very expencive gass filled sealed units lol



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      very common problem.seems to happen after car has being washed.thet normally clear after the lights have been on a short while


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        Where i used to work, we used to put silicon packs in the lights for a time to try and stop this, all it did i suppose is delay the problem. as far as i know a lot of headlights arn't sealed anymore so are more prone to misting?. At Honda i seem to remember, that if the light cleared the misting after a certain time then we could claim for a light unit.


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          Head lights dont have to be air tight or sealed, most head lights if not all head lights have a small drain at the bottom of them. The reson the sweat is because of the difference between the outside temp in the air and the internal temp of the head light, which causes them to steam up or creates a build up of condesation. (think of single pain window in your house, when its cold at night and you go to bed in the warm house, when you wake up the window has condensation inside it, this is the two temps and the cooling of moisture in the air created by heat and evaporation). One of the ways to help stop this is to remove the backing from the head lights, ie the access rubbers for getting to the bulbs and use a light grease and run a small amount round where the two sufaces meet between the headlight and the seal and pop them back on. This will stop any moisture going into the headlight from the back, the other problem is where the small drain hole on the head light is. If it is close the the bumper what happens when you wash it is that a small amount of water is getting it to the drain and that inturn builds up in the head light.

          One of the old tricks that the old fellows taught me with steamy head lights is to turn the head lights on and tape over the light with news papaer, the heat that builds up inside the head light will dry it out, the only problem these days are head lights are plastic and sometime they can get to hot using this method and will melt the plastic. So if you use the process be sure to keep a check on the headlight under the paper every so often.

          It is enevitable that it will happen alot once it starts but come the warmer weather it will go away.

          I may have found the answer to it by then, it is common on seats vw's with the plastic head lights/tail light and i know that seat use the paper trick to cure it and wd40 the back of the headlight to repel the water and fialing that working then they replace the lamps.

          Hope this clears it up alittle and helps.