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Help needed transferring Number Plates...

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  • Help needed transferring Number Plates...

    Hey Guys,

    Just got my deposit down on a Z4, So next week I'll have 2 Cars, a VXR and a Z4, I'm wanting my private plate on the VXR transferring to the Z4 and my VXR to have the old number plate back on it!

    I've been on the DVLA site and it looks like I need copies of both Tax Disks, Both V5C's and a V317!

    But the site doesnt go into detail in regards to how this works, basically, it says it's a Plate transfer, does this swap the plates over, or just put the VXR plate on the Z4 and the VXR is then registered back to the original plate?!

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    Just call the DVLA or send them an email they were very helpfull when i was enquiring about plates.... and through the telephone i do remember an option for transfering plates...


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      download v317 form from here;

      There is an £80 fee to do this, Ta.


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        Even better, go into the dvla with the documents for both cars, get them to transfer the private plate onto your Z4 with a change of ownership aswell, and they will change the vxr back to it's original plate but with the same owner, then 2-3 weeks down the line you'll have both sets of v5's back, Z4 with PP and in your name, VXR with it's original reg and still in your name..


        it'll cost you £115 tho iirc...


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          Ill dip out of this one..
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            Originally posted by vxrmarc View Post
            Ill dip out of this one..
            just dont let the dealers deal with it


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              You need to take all the docs that they have told you to a local DVLA office of you have one and they will do it all for you, it takes like 20min to do.

              If you want it to be put on to your brand new car you might want to get the dealer to do it but always make sure your insurance is upto date with the correct number plate or your ins is null and void.

              There is a fee charge to do it i think its £80 or atleast it was that when i did it the last time! you could try and get your dealer to do it for you and get them to carry the cost!?