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Anybody know what type of gear box the Astra VXR has got?

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  • Anybody know what type of gear box the Astra VXR has got?

    e.g: F20, F28 and so on?

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    Re: Anybody know what type of gear box the Astra VXR has got

    Originally posted by Adski
    e.g: F20, F28 and so on?


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      Nuts! I was looking at LSD's and they don't do 1 for the F32.


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        vxrpc do For all your tuning needs


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          Looks good. I'll have to do some reaserch on that. See what the benifits and drawbacks are.


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            benefits.... better launch

            drawbacks.... if you floor it on a corner you'll understeer badly.

            im a fan of lsd's and atb diffs as i like drag racing and they make the car launch better, but theyre a nightmare for going round corners so it all depends on how you want to drive.

            plus it all depends on howm much you want it to "slip" some can be harsher than others.
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              that looks v expensive
              Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap


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                Gearbox type is designated M32.

                So far there are 3 types of LSD avail for m32 ,two plate type and one torsen type.

                The only reason the car will understeer badly is if the pre load on the diff is too great, this effectivly doesnt allow one wheel to turn slower than the other, its a principal of a standard open diff.

                For a road car the pre load needs to be small, but there needs to be enough to allow the diff to transfer torque quickly enough to the wheel that requires it most.

                The M32 gearbox has a very small diff cage ,this limits the packaging of the diff.
                and hence the reason the costs will be high.

                Turn in has been directly improved with the VXRPC diff so the notion it causes dramatic understeer is not correct in this instance..


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                  Diffs dramatically imrpove cornering ability both in my opinion and experience.. you just need to know how to deliver the power through a corner.... if this was the case, none of the track/rally FWD cars would bother fitting them!

                  I have a ZF plate in the nova and you can LITERALLY bury the throtlle and it will pull you straight out of teh other side, you just need big balls to do it (and get used to it)

                  The ATB varient is better on the road due to running and servicing costs and the fact you wont drive yourself into the nearest roundabout!

                  I have driven loads of high power FWD's without them and and just lights the one wheel up and understeered on the track...

                  PS it wont dramatically improve launch either....


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                    How come it wont "dramatically" improve lauch? Surely it would help alittle?


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                      Oh it will help, but the real benefit is under cornering...

                      For example, it would not dramatically reduce a 1/4 mile attempt, but it would help...


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                        Definatley think i'm gonna invest in 1 after stage 3