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Bought one yesterday..cant wait

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  • Bought one yesterday..cant wait

    After 2 weeks of test driving cars to replace my CTR...i Finally went for a nice new VXR in Arden Blue :-)

    It comes in about 2 weeks time hopefully, can't wait!

    Was wondering if anyone knew anymore about the rumoured interior changes. I have seen one VXR with silver dash and carbon inserts. And one with a black dash and Aluminium inserts. Im not sure which I will be getting!

    Also, is it possible to retro fit bluetooth at all? If not which bluetooth is the best deal?



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    Welcome gringo - lol
    Good choice of car, sure you'll be happy. If it is a new build MY07 then it will be Piano Black with Silver inserts, anything before is the original silver with Carbon inserts.

    Bluetooth I think is possible but fiddly. Sure someone else will confirm/explain


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      Welcome to the site, hope you love the car when you get it


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        Cool..thanks for the info..!

        Are there any other changes for the MY05 car, or is it just the interior?

        Thanks for the help



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          If your car is MY05 then it will not have the chrome window strips, but should have the weather strips under the bonnet lid. That's it I think :wink:


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            Oops i meant MY07...i think?

            Its brand new anyway, and still in the factory, should be arriving at dealers some point next week.

            Any ideas what I have bought lol?


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              Thanks for the welcome.

              I still moderate on the Civic type R owners forum, but will be in here for advice etc.

              Nothing wrong with some forum colaberation


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                Yeah it'll be MY07, piano black with Silver. Other changes are that you may not get the VXR Mats, and the bonnet weather strips. Think that's it really.

                Always glad to get forums together, think we now have a really good reason for a CTR + VXR meet :wink:


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                  i got mine last week and have crumby standard Astra mats.

                  Its the little things that matter and to me not having the right mats FOC is well tight in my opinion.

                  Whats the price difference to Vx between standard Astra and Vxr mats, a couple of quid probably.

                  I might find out how much the VXR ones are and keep them for the summer months.


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                    welcome gringo , you will love the car mate
                    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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                      Well done good choice I look forward to viewing the pics
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                        Cool thanks.

                        A CTR and VXR meet sounds a definate plan. One thing I hate is people with one make of car, slating a person/people with a different car.

                        This forum is not guilty of this, and the other forum is good too. So some interforum meets should be a good laugh.

                        I know most of you won't be members, but..if your bored, here is proof odf the CTR guys positvie views on the VXR:


                        Can't believe i will be getting the sh1tty standard mats... will have to invest in some VXR ones. Anyone got a picture of the mats?


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                          I'll get a mat picture up for you shortly. Have a word with dealer as some found that they still got the VXR mats from dealer FOC so worth checking with them.

                          Glad to see both forums have a good view of each other, tis refreshing :wink:


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                            My mats are in need of a clean but found this

                            £64.63 from Vauxhall for set of 4