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cars in at dealers for bump sorting

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  • cars in at dealers for bump sorting

    well i took it in yesturday for the lower rear bumper fitting due to my incident with a blind git .

    i am dreading going to collect it when its finished ( which was supposed to be tonight but they never called ) cos i just no that somethings going to be damaged

    the other guys insurance sorted me a courtesey car out , a BMW 116 and its **** !! you have to screw the **** off it just to get it going :?

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    oh dear arden dont forget to take your camera in case anything else is falling off :?
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      have a good look in all lighting conditions.
      hope it goes well


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        Fingers crossed it all goes well. Don't leave forecourt before your 100% with it :wink:


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          Hi arden. Is your car at the reg vardy body shop on geldard road leeds, that is where mine is going when Vauxhall decide to pay up. I was talking to Scott ( guy who inspects the cars ) and he mentioned a blue VXR comming in for a bumper repair. I hope they do a good job for you, I am dreading mine going in, over spray, extra dings and scratches, other people ragging your car, and of course colour match . Let me know how you get on.


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            WARDY , yes that was mine and i wasnt impressed when i went to pick it up

            there were scratches in the laquer on the rear quarter panels and boot lid where they must have caught it with the bumper while removing /refiting which really stood out in the sunlight yesturday

            i refused to sign the completion form so i then had to wait till they compounded them out , why they didnt do this before i turned up is beyond me :?

            and also the rear number plate was fit by a chimpanzee and was aprox 1 inch higher at the passenger side and looked a tw*t

            the chimp had to come and rectify his cok up and managed to get it str8 2nd time round , altho i wasnt impressed by the way he made a new hole for the screw by ramming a screw driver ground to a point into the new bumper while i was stood behind him

            and when i got home i found polish spilt on the rear full leather seat


            on a positive note the colour match was spot on :wink:


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              I know its just a job to the people that work in these bodyshops, and its all money, money, money, turn them out as quick as they can for as little as possible, but surely they can see the difference between someones pride and joy bought with hard earned cash and an abused renter, and take a bit more care.
              Glad you got a good colour match though despite all your grief. I cant wait to take mine in now I just want it over with. I wouldnt mind so much with mechanical faults, but I like my bodywork to be spot on, ( although I dont go as far as the guy in The Sun on friday ).


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                too true m8 , its not like i took it in filthy and looking cr*p !

                why they couldnt just make sure the car was ok for me to collect is beyond me , they compounded the scratches out and refit no plate while i hung around waiting :?

                why not do that in the first place rather than have a pi**ed off customer

                just make sure you inspect it with someone before you leave it and when you pick it up :?