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Just test drove a new Audi S3 for the day.

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  • Just test drove a new Audi S3 for the day.

    Had my Astra VXR since december, superchip and full magnex, i do really like it but sometimes when you really want it to go the engine managment light comes on and the car goes into limp mode.Ask my dealer Evan Falshaw, Hunslet road, leeds and i was told it probebley over boosted but it was ok.I decided to shop about for something else and went this morning to drive the new 265bhp S3 and to be honest its great.No where near as fit as my Astra but handling and general drivinr is great. One problem, payed just over 20,000 for my Astra, has sat nav,cruise and the 19"s just clocked 5000 mile and they only offer me 14,000 to part ex a 29,420 S3 without sat nav which i add is 2175 so so far ive decided to keep it. Anybodys thoughts,advice,is welcome?????

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    I'd look a for a private sale if you want to swap cars.

    Search for ex demo Audi perhaps 6 months old and that will shave a huge amount of the price.
    There really isn't any point it getting a brand new one. I learnt from my last car, its a novelty that soon runs out.

    I got my Astra 6months old, ex demo and it cost me £15500. 6 months before it was 20500

    After you have found one, depending on you finance, get a ridiculously low APR through the dealer. Remember they want to sell more than you want to buy. I got an APR of 4.9

    Then your payments may not be so different (you may be rich and have loads of ££££ so ignore the above )

    My thoughts


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      I was offered 13750 against a £28 car - same same mileage and same age. It seems the going rate - see my "Residuals" thread a week or so ago.


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        if the light is coming on there must be something wrong somewhere mate , there is a tuner starting up around the yorkshire area cant remember his name but with a zorst and map yours should be flying who did the map ????
        stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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          Are you sure its the engine management light???? Could just be traction control :?


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            This is true - the only light I see is sometimes the traction and thats if I accelrate slightly whilst moving out for an overtake.

            VXRPC said that when the standard exhaust reaches its max bhp (the most it can take) it makes a jet sound, bit like a rocket. I get that sound when the engine is warm and when downshifting to accelerate hard. It really is f**** loud and makes people turn around to look at what it is well ahead, when I hear it it reminds me of the power rasp you get from some porsches/high end cars, so I know I am pushing out at least what the manafacteres recommendations are, maybe slightly more with my "V Power since day dot" rule...