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cd player and steering wheel controls

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  • cd player and steering wheel controls

    I have more or less been given an sony mp3 headunit and im thinking of fitting it to the astra. It was fitted in a mk4 astra and was working with the steering wheel controls but my question is is there an adapter to get it to work with them on the vxr? Can also get a fli trap 1000w sub, big kicker amp and wiring kit for £100 so might think about fitting this if it aint to difficult.

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    When i was thinking bout getting a head unit for my Corsa (C model) I went to halfords and asked the same question.

    They said there is an adabter that you will need to get and also, the steering wheel buttons work only at the best of times, but sometimes it has it's moments and they don't work.

    This may be the case with the Astra, or maybe all Vauxhalls.

    They also told me I would lose the use of Two speakers if I were to put a sub. They usualy wire this to be the back speakers that will not work to replace it with the sub.

    Best thing to do is to go into halfords or another distributer and fitter of audio equipment into vehicles and ask.


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      If its just the steering wheel controls you want working then the answer is YES - there is a wiring adapter available to connect a Sony h/unit to the VXR.

      However if you are also wanting the display to work as well then the answer is NO cos thats what I am currently waiting for - its been delayed by several months as it is

      The company you want to contact is called "Connects 2" - url is below...