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Engine changes, can you tell?

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  • Engine changes, can you tell?

    Hi All,

    I've been asked to get some views on the visibilty of basic ECU derived power increases when the car goes in for servicing. We've got 5 VXRs on charge at present and more coming, and a few are pondering if an upgrade might be on the cards, but obviously this couldn't show or the fleet manager will be mighty miffed? And if there are secret squirrel changes available, which to go for?

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    i have heard that remaps are hard to spot but im not sure if there totally invisible.


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      if you were to look for it on tech 2 i would say yes but would any one look for it had my car in for the engine warning light it had tech 2 on to find what was up and the techy asked me if it was modded. For all your tuning needs


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        Remaps on most cars can be indentified in the following ways:

        1) "Version" number can be changed as part of a remap sometimes

        2) If the garage knows the car well he will see that some of the values in the tables are different to standard.


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          You're all missing the obvious.. the tech onyl has to drive the car up the road to ralise its modded! They are in and out of the cars all day so know exactly how they should drive, when they find a quick one they'll know.

          If you are worried about warranty get a VXPC remap ??


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            The Remaps are all done through the use of the 'Sport' Button.

            Sport Button ON - Increased Power

            Sport Button OFF - Standard power more / or less.

            So anyone was to just jump in the car and drive it, they would be none the wiser...obviously unless they switched the sport button on.

            The other detectable way with TECH 2 would be to attempt to carry out an SPS or Software update on the ECU. If its been remapped it will update it, if its standard it wont update it, as i dont think there are any uodates available for the VXR at the moment, so it would say that its already running the latest software
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