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  • Audio Upgrade

    I would recommend the following install as this is the set up I had in MY 04 WRX:-

    Rainbow Components to the front
    Alpine IW200 Multimedia DDin head unit
    JL 4channel amp to run front components
    JL 12" Sub run by the above amp.

    Its to everyones taste but I would rather spend more money on a single set of components to the front of the car and remove the rear speakers all together, if you speak to any decent Audio shops they will 99% of the time advise this kind of set up.

    I have included a link below to my friends shop, there worth a quick peep:

    They have done installs for UB40, Jodie Kidd and loads of other big names.

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    Me i would go more with focal 165V2 in front get alot more punch from the front doors, Focal 165CV1 in rear just to keep a nice even sound, and genesis 12 inch sub.

    Amp???? at the mo running a audison srx2 looking at upgrading tho

    all this is still running off standard headunit, for those who wish to keep the standard look so no little sh*ts break in.

    Cheers John

    P.S so anyone else gonna join in?????


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      One word : WEIGHT!!!


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        agreed.weight.(hence no spare wheel)