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Peace of Mind Package?

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  • Peace of Mind Package?

    Got sent through some stuff after i ordered my VXR.

    Invoice Protection (which i presume is like GAP insurance) £299

    Diamondbrite Car Protection £250

    Tyre Insurance (5 tyre claims in 3 years) £199

    - If i buy the first 2, i get the Tyre insurance free. Is this worth it? And im assuming the tyre inrance just covers punctures and not general ware.

    Also Delivery Pack for £79, which includes a full tank of petrol, and a set of Mats. Are these VXR mats? and how much does a full tank normally cost?


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    I got the top two was quoted them prices but did not pay that much, payed £300. For all your tuning needs


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      I have GAP insurance on mine and I think most people on here have something similar so I think you can take that as yes most people on here would recommend it, don't know much about the diamond brite and trye insurance to be honest but I thought the mats where included with the VXR (mine were) and my dealer give me a free tank of fuel


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        Hmmm im crap at negotiating, so i dont know if id be able to get them any cheaper :?

        I assume the mats are not VXR mats, as i think a full tank of fuel must be £50+


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          i can only get about 40 quid in my car when its empty


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            yeh £38 - £40 for me from empty tell em you want v power and you want to see the receipt
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              gap insurance is a must , the other 2 i wouldnt bother with !!

              i paid for the paint protection and personally speaking i dont think its worth what i paid , polish it yourself and save your money

              tyre insurance is also dependent on how much tread you have left when you make a claim ie if theyre half worn they wont buy you a brand new tyre if you have a puncture , they will give you a percentage !!

              tyres on vxr dont last too long anyway so i wouldnt bother :wink:


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                Thanks for the info.

                Is the GAP insurance regardless of fault?


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                  I have just thrown away loads of diamond brite gear .........

                  Dont bother!!!!

                  Its a fiver on ebay...
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                    Originally posted by Vogue
                    Thanks for the info.

                    Is the GAP insurance regardless of fault?
                    yes but i think you have to have comp insurance , but say if you trash your car in 2 yrs and the insurance books it at say 12 grand the GAP makes up the differance to what you acctually paid for the car

                    not bad for 2-300 kwid


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                      when you pick up your vxr complain that your not happy with the overall shine of the car then mention the diamond brite finish and ask why this wasnt standard i did and the car was repolished with it at no cost worth a go
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                        I have the gap and it cost me 100 because i used to work at the garage. best thing you can have