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iPod Connection for Astra VXR

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  • iPod Connection for Astra VXR

    Hi There,

    I am serious considering buying an brand new Astra VXR. Well its between the VXR and the new Civic Type R. But I'm trying find out is possible to connect an iPod to the standard astra? If so how?

    I did ask my dealer but they said they didnt think they can. But in the back of What Car Magazine under new car listings it says you can have for £75 optional extra.

    Is somebody able to advise me on this?


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    Hi Jimmy, welcome, I dont think that your Ipod can actually be hard wired with connector, more likely to be FM modulator with holding bracket for that price


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      vauxhall actually do an adpater that plugs into the back of your cd player and the wire goes into your glove box, so as your buying a new vxr im sure its an option?


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        Do you happen to have a part number?

        I'm desperate to connect my ipod to the Astra; had one in the Mitsi and it was genius.

        I don't fancy having to change the headunit or go with an FM module. The beauty of the Alpine system I had was the headunit controlled all the useful functions of the iPod.



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          Vauxhall do an Ipod kit for £66.99 inc that consists of a cradle for the unit with a cable that you run through to the back of the head unit where it connects inline to the aerial lead and uses an fm signal.
          You then need a mounting bracket for the exact model eg Astra, the bracket fits very firmly to the dash without glueing or screwing and the cradle fits onto that,it costs £15.99 inc.
          Should be easy to fit yourself or the retailer can fit it for you at pdi.

          Hope this helps,


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            I do believe its one of these......



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              so it connects to the aerial like the ones u can tune into a radio station?
              last time i heard one of those the quality was terrible!

              is there anyway to hardwire an ipod into the vxr like by an Aux socket?


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                Dont think there is any other way on the standard CD30, i believe these hard wired devices work well, I know I have now tried 3 different fm wireless ones and would rather carry a bag of cd's than even consider listening to the quality it produces.

                No wireless loss with the hardwired device and only read good reviews about them but then I have read good reviews about the wireless one's too and they are a complete waste of time. Must be revied by people who thinks its good just cos they can hear noise that sounds like the tune the expect to hear lol

                The wireless have no soundstage whatsoever just a narrow flat and compressed mess.

                Wish somebody somewhere had tested this hardwired setup tho, im too scared to waste the money on it and sticknig with CD's until someone tells me otherwise.

                By the way I fitted Infinity Cappa components upfront, JBL 12" in small sealed box in boot and 4 chanel amp driving the fronts and bridged on rear chanels for the sub, this sounds really good over standard although still quite rubbish really but for under £600 well worth it, car has large clear soundstage with enough quality to drown out all road noises without you even noticing it loud, have to admit I was impressed considering its using the high level outputs from the standard Headunit. FM mods in there for the iPod are just a joke, I really want a solution for this!


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                  My IPOD is wired into the aerial via an FM modulator. Sound is fine. OK its not crystal CD quality, but unless you're an audio geek you wont be bothered imo. certainly acceptable