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  • Unichip

    Hi all, i recently bought my astra VXR a few days ago,
    loving it but a few things bother me that i need help with.

    so any comments would be a great help thanks.

    1: ABS and ESP light are on constantly, used to be now and then but now constant, just drove home and booted it a bit and looked and hey they went off, thought great till i slowed down in town and they both came back on.... i have read it may be a faulty sensor in the wheels.... booked in for thursday to Vauxhall under warranty.

    anyway my main concern is that i bought this VXR with a Unichip in it?
    I have read what it is but i was also handed another chip like thing in an envelope that said original chip for VXR? i phoned Unichip and they dont know why i was giving anything as they just use a piggy-back system!
    so my question and concern is what the hell have a got in my hand??

    any thoughts?

    Garage said it was a bridge chip that reverts car back to standard.
    they are phoning the previous owner to find out more but for now can anyone help me??


    Stuart D

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    Not sure why people would still be using the old chipping system on these cars? Remapping all the way now?

    Independent bespoke mapping available see my Facebook or find me at WG Motorworks

    Clique #14


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      Because it gives total control of the mapping to the mapper as opposed to tweaking a preprogrammed one within parameters. Adds extra features like multiple maps, launch control etc.

      Andy_gdon is the man to ask.


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        Picture would help?



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          Did you contact the garage that fitted the unichip?

          Could be hes had a previous older car chipped and given you the origional chip from that. Unlike the older MK3 GSi;s etc. the chips arent removable from the ECU and as has been said the Unichip is a piggy-back system.


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            so you mean that the bit i have in my hand is not from my car?
            yeh i contacted the garage and this is how i know this part should not be in my hands, like u said piggy back so nothing comes out, only added on.... cant add pics as camera aint charged.

            description 2 cm long 3/4cm tall,1/2 cm thick, black casing with green layer on top with 24 male pin connectors , also at bottom 24 female connectors. - had BRIDGE Q written on it
            any use?
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              Yes its a blanking plate.

              Unplug the Unichip, plug that in and you have a standard car

              Can't understand how the Unichip could be throwing the lights up now dude as it would show up instantly. Who fitted it? ive had mine since April last year and its been grand. If you have anymore issues etc fire me a pm.


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                Originally posted by R i c h a r d View Post
                Not sure why people would still be using the old chipping system on these cars? Remapping all the way now?
                Unichip is anything but an old chipping system - google is your friend here


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                  blank plate eh? as i have no idea about chips ill give no response apart from sounds like it makes sense, wonder why unichip did not know anything about it since they fitted it......

                  I dont think it is the chip that is making the car show warning signs up, just loose connectors i think.

                  wonder what vauxhall will say about the chip n warrenty??

                  its the brakes at fault not ecu so shouldn't complain enough to turn me away right / or wrong :-(

                  p.s love the wheels, always wanted a white with white wheels,
                  i got blue with 19"s still nice thou, but white....DAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!