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Dump valves : for or against

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  • Dump valves : for or against

    i have had one not so long ago and i was not impressed with it very much at all even got fed up with it ill go as far to say, so was wondering who else has had one and ditched it. Also some people say they do add to the performance of the car and others dont, i dont really see how it does bearing in mind the car has a standard one fitted which must stay fitted. May be a different story if the standard one was never there.

    " they relieve pressure in the turbo and draw in cool air thus reducing induction temperature" true is this statement
    Astra vxr mk2 with stage 1 EDS remap

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    best thing

    One of the best noises in the world, love mine to bits. I was told that they reduce turbo lag and after market bits and bobs are always better than standard.