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Toyota AYGO !

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  • Toyota AYGO !

    Came home from work to find the other half sheepishly confesing to have run the front offside alloy down a cerb !
    Solution ? buy her Toyota AYGO Black . had a go in one today its like driving a roller boot! but she likes it ( its cute ) and my wheels will be safe . Take delivery Wednesday .. :wink:

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    Know how you feel mate!! Every time my Wife uses the car I go over it with a fine tooth comb, She's already done 2 of the alloys, One I got refurbed the other i'm going to leave in case she does it again!


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      My wife only drives mine back from the pub when I'm to drunk to drive

      She goes nowhere near any curbs


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        Its not always us ladies that scuff wheels my husband did my wheel and also reversed into some ladders twice and i have parking sensors :wink:


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          My wife has never marked a panel or wheel in 8 years driving (wish i could say the same)


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            I have to say baz was the first person to touch our wheels, hand on heart i still havent done it.

            In all fairness to baz it was literally a few days after getting back from the falks where he was used to driving 4x4's and was still jet lagged. Bar from that he has a perfect history with the car.


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              The girlfriend reversed it out if the garage. She was checking the mirror on the left but not the right, you can guess the rest. It's not too bad though so i didnt have to kill her.


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                ours were perfect until last wk and i have to take responsibility for that i spoze :?

                booked in for smart repair tomorrow