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Cruise Control - quick question?

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  • Cruise Control - quick question?

    just rang my dealer about getting cruise retro fitted and he seemed "semi" knowledgable, claimed i might need the brake switch plus some wiring behind the dash,as they did one (not a VXR) last week,

    so, id said i was under the impression (thanks to everyone on here!) i didnt need that, just the stalk and a tech 2 bit.

    so.... i just wanted to double check, to make sure im not wrong, is that all i need, the stalk and the tech 2 bit, no wires behind the dash or switches??

    i know this has been answered a million times before, thanks

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    tech 2 and stalk

    someone doing some at Brands on sunday for a bargain price (if he is still doing them...even though i already have it)


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      great! thanks,

      i cant make it to brands, or i would have had it dealer quoted £80, cant be bad.


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        i think theyre being done for £25 at brands.

        then again, ive just seen how much GM charged the bodyshop for a new right hand side for my vaux astra coupe (door, window, front quarter, rear quarter, mirror, glass and motor......£2000 haha)

        glad i claimed for it


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          Yep the chap is doing the update with Tech2 for 25 per car, other cost is the stalk which is anything from 27-36 dependant on supplier. Wouldn't pay more than 60 at a stealers to get it done.