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My 07 hits 6k

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  • My 07 hits 6k

    Picked the little fella up on the 1st of March with 12miles up and went past 6k at the weekend and I have to say I still can't quite get over how good this thing is.

    Saw 151mph on the sat nav in Germany (7 mpg- EEEK) have pounded the motorways and backroads of the country and spend quite a bit of time in central London and it just seems there is almost nothing that isn't done well - apart from poor brakes but that's just my car and I'll get the dealer to sort it before the end of time...maybe!!

    OK, it isn't motorcycle quick and rear drive will always be better etc etc etc... but I just think most road tests miss the point. It's thousand mile comfortable, gives about 30mpg, howls like a nutter when it's on the game, loves to be flung down a twisty road, I can fit an outboard motor in it and there is nothing this side of £30k I'd rather have.

    I really do feel very lucky indeed that cars like this are around!!

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    6k in a month ???

    mines just gone to 6k and its 15 month old
    stage 2 vxr

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      I agree mine just hit 6k and I feel exactly the same......luvin' it
      Mine is a company car too!
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