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  • Exclusivity...

    Just wanted to give everyone my own personal boost... sorry I could not be at Brands but I was working.

    So my post refers to exclusivity. I often see Aston DB9's, Porsche 911's and even those new BMW 335 thingies with the twin exhausts either side. But I can count almost on one hand how many VXR's I have seen, and that is for the whole of London and some counties.

    But my point is this; everyone see's those cars, and everyone knows more or less what they are. Do you turn in your stride and actually look at these cars, or do you glance and acknowledge?

    I have had my 07MY for around 6 months now and, I reckon that in my driving time I must have sparked a few conversations from those around me, i.e those who have seen me in their car or on the street. Yesterday in a different car I was driving, I randomly spoke to a guy in a 53 plate Type R. Even he knows what the Astra VXR was, and even agreed it looked fab and was probably not as quick as his car.

    So when I bumble down the street in my vixer, and I am aware of those behind and in front, I often wonder - do they actually know what I am in? I hope that those enthusiasts, who pay attention to detail, notice the centre pipe, the debadged griffin, the VXR badge, the honeycomb grill, the silver lined foglights, the side skirts, the colour coded V Grill - but do they?

    Sometimes I see other cars, including lower model Astra's and I admire their glances. I hope the way the 19's spin against my gleaming paintwork, and the way I sound as I throttle forward full pelt, they think "That is something different, that is something special". And the best thing is that most of the glances come from those in specialist vehicles already... so they notice, and they look, and either they wonder what the car is; or they know already.

    So after a few sunny days and some great driving experiences, I want to say to all - we are are all lucky, we made the right choice, and somehow by the tone of this forum I think we all know deep down that we have. We have a car that seems rarer than most expensive / prestige cars.

    So let's do the best we can for the badge we wear...

    Enjoy the summer...


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    well said dizzy it's a joy to drive this car mate and a dream for a lot of people
    stealth no more but beware of the silver lightning GSI with vxr power


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      great post and how true


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        Well said.
        p.s I glance and acknowledge


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          DAMN RIGHT....!!!!!!....
          Youtube Channel - HeavenlyDetail


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            And that aint to say its better than everything else, but, when people hear and see this, and then couple that with an ASTRA badge, can you blame their gawped faces?

            Hey we are only a second behind a Monaro to 60... (cowers)

            And we can outhandle them maybe :wink: ( I love you BO55)


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              Ive been driving one since friday and I can just see people staring. Not only enthusiasts either. I reckon, to start with its the wheels that make it stand out and get people to look.


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                I came off a roundabout with a bright yellow skoda vrs beside me and he gave it beans, I kept just in front of him with no fuss and without changing down, at the next lights he pulled up beside and asked wtf is that !! An astra I said, "can`t be standard though, the power, the wheels ?" Yep I said, not got round to tuning it yet , "ffs, a beauty that, I`m off to VX for a look !!" ....

                Certainly turns heads, my vectra hardly gets a 2nd look :?


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                  They are quicker than the civic type-R IMO, and i used to own a CTR :-)


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                    This car oozes beauty and performance from every pore of it's (athletic) body.People who know cars recognize it at once,people who don't, don't
                    believe it's made by Opel.


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                      Originally posted by Bainie
                      Certainly turns heads, my vectra hardly gets a 2nd look :?
                      Should have bought an estate in Arden then.... :wink:

                      I've seen folk nearly crash trying to have a look!


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                        I work in London during the week and in over a years' commuting to and from Suffolk I have probably only seen about 4-5 other Astra VXR's. I've seen plenty of Focus ST's tho.....

                        Andy H


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                          Can't be that exclusive I saw more than 40 in one day


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                            Originally posted by AlexFi
                            Can't be that exclusive I saw more than 40 in one day
                            How many did you drink that day!!


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                              well said dizzy, i just love everything about this car. whenever i park up i love to watch people faces they just cant help admiring the car and it appeals to both young and old. i had to laugh on sunday while i was out frantically cleanig it a little boy aged about 4 walked past and said to me thats a nice car really tickled me. i would,nt swap this car for anything there is,nt any other car on the market that flats my boat like this one.