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Disabling Auto Rain Sensing Wipers

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  • Disabling Auto Rain Sensing Wipers

    As part of the sight and light pack you get auto rain sensing wipers, the best bit from the whole pack is the auto dimming rear view mirror. I've found the auto wipers a bit of a pain and wondered if they could be disabled via Tech 2?

    I'll just give it a quick wash!

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    you can turn them off your self....

    Press stalk down once and you will hear a CLICK...


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      Sorry I wasn't all that clear. I was meaning if it is possible to disable the auto rain sensing wiper functionality and be left with the standard intermittent wiper function where you can set the interval yourself.
      I'll just give it a quick wash!


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        I have sight and light pack and find the rear view mirror an absolute nightmare.....

        When slightly going a touch too fast i can never see whos behind me in evening or dusk just headlights dipped!!!!!!

        I really want to at least see if pc plods following me .......It makes me techeey about driving safety!!
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          I find the standard mirror almost blurred in comparison to the anti dazzle jobbie, does yours vibrate or does it seem to be over sensitive?
          I'll just give it a quick wash!


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            First off I am gutted I don't have sight and light pack on my VXR, when I bought it brand new about 8 months ago I was told it wasn't an option on the VXRs. I am on the lookout for anyone that has retrofitted this or knows where I may be able to get it fitted.

            I don't know if this is the same for astras but... my old 306 had rain sensors. When I had the windscreeen replaced the guys didn't connect the senser back up and the auto setting worked as a normal intermittent wipe.

            Hope this helps.