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Golf GTI Edition 30

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  • Golf GTI Edition 30

    Have you heared of it?

    New Golf GTI with 30 more PS because of 30 yeary GTI.

    Do you maybe have a comparison between Astra OPC/VXR and GTI 30?

    Don't have any tests here in Germany.

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    seen 2 now, one in white and the other in red

    Top Gear mag had it out on track in a hothatch shootout with the stig at the wheel


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      Try searching on google...

      Andy H


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        That's nearly only listed facts.

        I'm looking for a comparison . Thanks anyway.


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          You worried you bought the wrong car


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            23 grand arnt they , before opptions :?

            i dont think so


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              The only test ive seen was in the weekly mags autocar etc and they said that the special edition was not as good overall as the normal GTI. Not as well balanced or something. Can't remember why exactly. It still wasn't a patch on the new Megane 230 R26 thing.


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                Originally posted by arden
                23 grand arnt they , before opptions :?

                i dont think so

                i can see them selling like hot cakes


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                  Originally posted by SMOKEQUEEN

                  You worried you bought the wrong car
                  No, no, never ever!!
                  The OPC ist the best hot hatch ever!

                  Just wanted to know if the GTI 30 is as fast as the Astra, since the normal GTI is much too slow.

                  I'm looking forward to hearing the track time of GTI 30 on the Nürburgring. The new R32, the old R32, the GTI can't get close to the Astra. But I thought MAYBE the Edition 30 is able to.


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                    my m8s at the ring this wk end twinport , if your there avoid a very loud black evo !!

                    its its first outing with an rc development 2.4 conversion running approx 600bhp will destroy you


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                      Maybe on friday?

                      47 Evo's will be there. I will have a look .

                      But won't drive this weekend cause the track is full of idio*s.

                      If I'll meet him I'll greet him from you .


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                        good one twinport , he should be there by then

                        black evo with either goldy/brown alloys or dark grey ones ( he has 2 sets ) the reg plate has RAW as the last 3 letters !!

                        tell him andy from byram , sent you to have a look !!

                        ask him to take you round in it m8 :wink:

                        he known as richw on the mlr over here


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                          Ok, I'll try to find him under the 47 Evo'S .
                          But - as you say - it must be a special one and I know his number plate now.

                          I will try to get him to speak .

                          Thanks for information! \/

                          Don't you want to come, too?


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                            Today I've seen a white GTI Edition 30.

                            Looks good, I like it. The black rims with a silver stripe look much better than the normal 18" GTI rims.

                            Carded him with a flyer for international OPC meeting \/ .