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How fast has every body been in their cars.

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  • How fast has every body been in their cars.

    Originally posted by does not condone the act of racing on public highway. It is illegal and dangerous and the consequences severe.

    Any comments made are that of the poster and they should be aware that they are responsible for their actions and should be prepared for any consequences that may result, including the possibility of injury, death (of either self or third party) or possible prosecution under the Road Traffic Act

    I ask because i would like to know if different stages affect the top end ...

    I'll start. The speedo read 158 ish on a french motorway

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    Speedo=more than 260 kph (more than 163 mph). The speedo ends there.

    GPS=241 kph, can't get more because of 19".

    Everything was legal! German streets .


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      Yes, it's standart.

      More than 260 is more than 163.

      241 is 150,5 .


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        Does it go faster on 18's then?


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          Think so, some reached 247 kph with 18".


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            Role on the new wheels then


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              You bought 18"?


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                In thoery, top end is all about revs & gearing, not engine performance.

                A car will be geared to reach MaxV on/near the read line in the appropriate gear.

                That said, on the Monaro, top speed is actually reached in 5th gear, not 6th because 6th is over-geared for cruising, but when you add some toys, I'm sure that will affect it, because 6th Gear is certainly more usuable now than it used to be.

                Oh, and on the Monaro, the speedo will only show MaxV of about 160, despite the car being capable of going faster

                I stand to be correct on this

                PS: Seen 150+ in mine (closed road :wink: )


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                  Seen off clock on mine on private road......


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                    With the normal gearbox (Getriebe) the Astra OPC/VXR reaches 280 km/h.

                    Riden tested it . With his 380 PS he could be faster, but the gearbox slows it down.
                    But you can't get faster than 241 kph with Astra OPC/VXR, because of
                    1) 19"
                    2) aerodynamic


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                      Hmmm. My speedo must be well out then. Cause i got the 19's.


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                        Lol, that's the speed your speedo shows.

                        158 x 1,6 = 252 on speedo.

                        But MORE THAN 260 ON SPEEDO is 241 in real (GPS).


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                          I thought 19's gave a higher top speed. The story constantly changes and everyone seems to accept what the next person says.

                          I have seen just over 140mph on a close road. The road was running out so I didnt push it anymore.


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                            Originally posted by TwinSport
                            You bought 18"?
                            Not yet, but i will be in the next couple of months......


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                              If you have 19s from the factory, then you shouldn't have a problem because manufacturer/dealer should (repeat SHOULD) have calibrated the speedo accordingly.

                              If you bought a set of after market 19s (e.g. ebay) then you need to get Tech2'd to get the speedo re-calibrated